Wavelength: Fake Meat, Kangaroos & Indigenous Protests

November 17, 2019

With people around the world gradually reducing the amount of animal products in their diets or even cutting them out completely, many claim fake meat is the future. Chances are you’ve even some of your fave fast-food places beginning to implement vegan alternatives into their menu. Some say it tastes exactly the same while others aren’t too keen on the new edible trend. But why exactly are people switching over to plant-based food, and is it going to take over Australia’s love affair with traditional meat? ......... Accredited Dietitian Joyce Haddad also sat down with us to discuss whether fake meats are actually healthier for you.

9Coach: Four dietitians share strategies to make healthy eating painless

June 08, 2019

Want to be one of those people who makes healthy eating effortless?

9Coach: Should you weigh yourself? Five experts weigh in

May 31, 2019

Are the scales a good accountability measure, or a poor indicator of health? Six foods that can boost your skin’s natural sun protection

December 06, 2018

As we enter the scorching Aussie summer, it’s time to combat those UV rays with more than just sunscreen

ABC News: Health professionals warn parents about exercise, dieting and social media risks for children

November 23, 2018

Dietician Joyce Haddad says she is worried about parents putting their children through strict diet and exercise regimes

9Coach: There's a better way to reset your body for summer than a juice cleanse

October 04, 2018

We're on the cusp of speedo and bikini season, and conversations are naturally starting to veer towards "cleansing", "detoxing" and "resetting" so we'll look and feel our best.

Today Tonight: Food for thought or feasting on fiction?

September 17, 2018

How your superfoods could be making you super fat. They look healthy but contain more calories than fast food.

9Coach: What to do if a Facebook friend tries to sign you up to a cleanse

September 11, 2018

You might have noticed friends and family members posting excitable social media updates about the life-changing cleanse they're on and encouraging you to get in touch if you want to feel amazing and make some cash.

The Advertiser: Liquid nitrogen popcorn at the Royal Adelaide Show raises health concerns

September 04, 2018

IT might be the coolest new treat at the Royal Adelaide Show, but there are health warnings over popcorn doused in liquid nitrogen

The New Daily: Signs your gut health is out of balance

August 04, 2018

Few care to discuss it. But many of us have experienced it. Stomach upsets are uncomfortable, embarrassing and at times worrying.

Body+Soul: Hypno-fasting

June 25, 2018

So what the hell is hypno-fasting and should I be doing it?

SBS Arabic24: Smart Eating Week

February 12, 2018

Smart Eating Week is about adapting a healthy lifestyle, making the right choices and getting help in the right place.

The Sydney Morning Herald

February 20, 2018

Squat the hell: Toddlers targeted in Ashy Bines’ new fitness program

The Wellness Couch - Smashed Avocado

February 01, 2018

Episode 21: Nutrition myths, eating to cure cancer and debating the food pyramid with Nutritionist Joyce Haddad


We are not experts in nutrition, but we do like to research myths and tricks, mix up the way we eat and even what we eat. However, to delve deep and explore the stats we are talking with PHD Nutritionist Joyce Haddad.

Joyce is a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and PHD student that is wanting to change the way we look at food, relate to food, use food as a cure for illness, even how we enjoy food.

We delve deep in this episode and are not afraid to ask the difficult questions.

HelloFresh: A Healthy Eating Meal, Exercise and Mindfulness Plan Just For You

May 10, 2017

Sometimes, making healthy eating and exercise decisions seems easier in theory than in practice. Add a little structure though and you’ll find those goals become a lot more achievable! In aid of your kicking your own goals right in the bot bot, we’ve teamed up with our recipe developer Steph and nutritionist and dietitian Joyce Haddad to give you an inspiring week of delicious food, exercise and mindfulness activities. 

Informit - PostScript Australian Pharmaceutical Publishing Company

November 30, 2017

The Health Star Rating (HSR) was developed to help consumers make smarter choices when purchasing packaged food but you need to know what to look for, writes accredited dietitian Joyce Haddad

In The Know - Oral Care: The Role of Sugar and Diet

August 23, 2017

Something we don’t appreciate enough is how important dental health actually is.

HelloFresh: The Top Superfoods You’ve Actually Heard Of

March 26, 2017

You know those people who are always glowing and smiling and sprinting for kilometres up hills seemingly without fatigue? Sure, they might be Olympic athletes but we bet they’re on something else too: superfoods!

The Guardian - Is foodie culture destroying our ability to eat simply?

September 26, 2016

The rise of the everyday gourmet has created an online food culture that could be making our diets and wasteful habits worse

Radio Adelaide - The influence of the home and school on children's health status

February 19, 2016

Join us as we find out about people’s connection with food, foods in their local environment, and whether they’re in our own backyards or on the other side of the world.  Along with questions, issues, conundrums and controversies to do with food, it makes for a tasty mix.

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