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Professional experience as a scientist

Recent publications:


- Hendrie GA, Lyle G, Mauch CE, Haddad J, Golley RK. (2021). Understanding the Variation
within a Dietary Guideline Index Score to Identify the Priority Food Group Targets for Improving
Diet Quality across Population Subgroups. International Journal of Environmental Research
and Public Health, 18(2):378.

- Haddad, J., Ullah, S., Bell, L., Leslie, E., & Magarey, A. (2018). The Influence of Home and
School Environments on Children's Diet and Physical Activity, and Body Mass Index: A
Structural Equation Modelling Approach. Maternal and child health journal, 22(3), 364–375.


- FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO, The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World
2020. Jul 13, 2020

- World Health Organization, Guidance on Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Nutrition and Health.
Jun 5, 2020. Geneva, Switzerland.

- World Health Organization, Mobilizing ambitious and impactful commitments for mainstreaming
nutrition in health systems: nutrition in universal health coverage – global nutrition summit. May
29, 2020. Geneva, Switzerland.

Conference abstracts & presentations:

- Haddad, J., Hendrie GA, Dickinson K.,Golley RK. (2021). Testing the effect of a brief, online and tailored intervention on dietary behaviours of Australian adults: A Randomised Controlled Trial. American Society of Nutrition (oral).

- Haddad, J., Hendrie GA, Dickinson K.,Golley RK. (2021). The influence of different nutrition
messages on intention to reduce unhealthy food consumption: a randomised crossover trial.
International Congress of Dietetics. Cape Town, South Africa (oral).

- Haddad, J. (2020). Invited speaker. Dietitians Association of Australia 37th National
Conference, virtual.

- Haddad, J., Hendrie GA, Golley RK. (2019). Identifying a tailoring approach for a large-scale
dietary feedback intervention. Dietitians Association of Australia 36th National Conference,
Queensland, Australia (oral).

- Haddad, J., Bell L., Magarey A. (2018). The barriers and facilitators of implementing schoolbased
healthy food policies: A review of the literature. Dietitians Association of Australia 35th
National Conference, Sydney, Australia (oral).

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