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Our qualified Dietitian, Joyce Haddad, can provide a wide variety of services.

If you don't find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are very flexible and will always endeavour to provide you with what you are after.

One-on-One Consultations & Personalised Nutrition Plans


One-on-one virtual consultations and personalised plans are based on a range of assessments. With the use of scientifically validated genetic testing, body composition analyses, and comprehensive nutrition analysis, each client receives the most optimal recommendations and advice based on the best available scientific knowledge. This way, you can be sure you are receiving the most personalised advice available. 


Our virtual personalised consultations are available on Zoom or Skype, for a range of areas, including but not limited to:


  • Gut Health and Microbial Imbalance

  • Hormonal Dysfunction

  • General Health and Well-being

  • Chronic Diseases

  • Food Sensitivities and Allergies

  • Nutrition for Auto-immune disease

  • Nutrition for Cancer


Zoom or Skype consultations are available to everyone!

To make an appointment or to purchase a personalised meal plan, contact us here.


Genetic testing for general health, fertility & sport performance


Our genetic Health test focuses on achieving optimal health for clients who are pursuing general well-being. For example, factors that influence weight loss, cardiovascular health and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, while optimising their energy levels and improving fitness.


The Sport test is designed to provide nutrition and performance-related recommendations that will help athletes of all levels boost physical and mental performance and optimise body composition. Many dietary patterns and nutrient imbalances can directly impact exercise capacity and performance, which are the focus of the sport test.


The Fertility test is designed to provide nutrition recommendations that will help couples trying to conceive to optimise their fertile potential and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Nutritional status can directly impact gamete development and viability, likelihood of conception, and fetal development. You 


Skype and phone consultations are available for this service.

To make an appointment , contact us here.




A Dietitian’s Mission can provide expert dietetic verbal and written comment on various nutrition-related topics for media. Check out Media for examples.

Product and brand ambassador


A Dietitian's Mission can act as an ambassador and expert professional of your brand. This role includes content development and aid, sponsorship and collaboration, presence at product launches and important brand milestones; and more.


Social media collaborating


Do you have a product worth sharing? A Dietitian's Mission can feature worthy brands and products across all social media. Please Contact Us for all social media collaborations and features.


Supermarket tours


If you are running a community event, or have a group of people interested on how to shop healthily, while also saving money, book in today! Supermarket tours are usually suitable for groups of 4 - 6 people and run for approximately 2 hours.

Product & Menu Reviews


Product and menu reviews are available upon request for small and large businesses, cafés and restaurants.
Contact us for more information.

Group presentations


If you have any nutrition-related interests that you would like presented to your community, school, gym centre or business organisation, contact us to book in today. These sessions can involve presentations or hands-on workshops.

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